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What do duct tape and dental floss have in common? Both of these items have a variety of uses in a pinch! Do you have dental floss at home? Here are some extra incentives to keep this handy item around.

The number one use of dental floss is, of course, keeping your pearly whites healthy. Flossing is one of the best ways to prevent gingivitis and cavities between teeth. Does it surprise you that only about 50 percent of Americans floss regularly? There are many excuses for not flossing, but not knowing how does not have to be one of them. Read on to find a detailed description of the perfect way to floss every time.

Hanging photos. I must recommend unwaxed dental floss for this endeavor. Waxy dental floss will slowly slide through due to the weight of the picture frame. Ask me how I know.

Slicing in the kitchen. Have you ever made the perfect roll of uncut cinnamon rolls only to squish them in the cutting process? Slide the dental floss around your roll and pull softly to create a perfect slice! This is something I personally do with my homemade cinnamon rolls. Also, I am going to have to try using floss to cut perfect cake slices.

Remove cookies from a tray. Simply slide the floss underneath warm cookies to prevent crumbles and sticky residue left on the tray.

Remove an old photo. Have you ever had a photo stuck to a piece of paper or hard surface? Simply slide the floss behind the photo to preserve your treasured picture.

Fishing line. Have you ever been fishing and broken your last fishing line? If you just happen to have dental floss on you, it can make a great substitute in a pinch.

Support hanging plants. Dental floss provides an almost invisible way to support those sagging leaves.

Sew on buttons. If you have a large enough needle, you can substitute dental floss in a pinch for quick sewing projects.

Repair wood. A length of floss stretched tight, rolled in glue, and placed into split wood seams fills and repairs fissures in wood.

Replace shoelaces. Have your broken shoelaces put you in a bind? Grab some dental floss for makeshift shoelaces to get you through until you can get a replacement, or make a statement with your new style.

String popcorn. Dental floss provides a great sturdy medium for stringing popcorn for your tree. I can also add that it is great for making Cheerios necklaces with kids.

Flossing your teeth. Of course, this is the best use of dental floss. Simply pull out enough string to wind around your pointer fingers, and use your thumb lightly to hold it in place. Form a C with the floss at the gumline and firmly follow the contours of your tooth in a gentle up and down motion. Repeat the process on the other side and continue with other teeth. Pay special attention to your back molars because that is where most of the problems occur between teeth.