Emergency Dentistry
In Post Falls

Contact our office directly in case of a need for a Post Falls Eemergency Dentistry, our skilled and dedicated team is on standby to preserve your smile and alleviate your pain and stress!

Even the strongest, healthiest teeth can be damaged if the circumstances call for it. Our Post Falls Emergency Dentist Team is on standby to help you out in emergencies, and alleviate your stress and pain.

At Syringa Dental and Implants Post Falls, our expert team of Dental Specialists has received extensive training in emergency care. Our practice is equipped with the most advanced technology to preserve your teeth and gums after injury and trauma.

Do I need emergency care?

If you are suffering from: A Tooth Knocked Out or Loosened by an Injury, a Painful Cracked Tooth and/or Extreme Toothache.

What is prompt or non-emergency care?

Some examples of non-emergency but prompt dental care: Lost or Missing Crown or Filling, Chipped or Cracked Tooth (without Pain), Mild to Moderate Toothache.