IV Sedation Dentistry
In Post Falls

As your 5-star Post Falls Dentist, Syringa Dental and Implants understands the anxiety around our profession is very real, so we offer IV Sedation Dentistry to patients who may need it.

Our primary goal at Syringa Dental is to ensure you receive the regular dental care you need. IV Sedation is a tool that can help us achieve that goal if you experience hesitancy toward visiting the dentist.

Don’t delay your dental care, come see us and learn about your options. We encourage all patients who experience any dental fear or anxiety to come take a personalized tour of our office, meet the team and learn about your options. Speak with your Post Falls Dentist about IV Sedation Dentistry and if it’s right for you.

What is IV Sedation Dentistry?

IV Sedation Dentistry is a type of conscious sedation that allows us to complete your dental work while you are in a relaxed state of mind. Some dentists may refer to this treatment as Sleep Dentistry, but you are conscious throughout the entire the process just in a more peaceful state and less concerned with the dental treatment. IV Sedation gives our team greater control over your sedative experience and is our preferred method over other forms of sedation that are inhaled (like nitrous oxide) or taken in pill form.

What you can expect

The American Dental Association has reported that 22% of patients are afraid to go to the dentist, which puts it as the second largest reason for not seeing the dentist after cost.

Providing comfortable dental care is one of Syringa Dental’s cornerstones to our business and office culture. If you harbor any dental anxiety or fear, our team can help. We encourage patients to schedule a visit to the office to meet the team and experience the environment without having to worry treatment. Once here, you can learn about IV Sedation Dentistry, discuss the pros/cons and see if it’s right for you.