Oral Sedation Dentistry
In Post Falls

Patient comfort is our top priority at Syringa Dental and Oral Sedation can be a great option if you’re experiencing any fears prior to your treatment.

Oral Sedation is another great tool for our dental team because it provides our patients with peace-of-mind even prior to coming to our office.

The American Dental Association (ADA) states that 22% of people experience anxiety or fears of visiting the dentist. Despite being Top Dentists in Post Falls, we understand that these fears are very real and we are prepared to offer multiple options to ensure you get the dental care you need and deserve. Oral Sedation Dentistry can start to provide comfort even before you step foot into our Post Falls Dental Office.

What is Oral Sedation?

Oral Sedation or pill sedation, differs from it’s in-office counterparts (IV and Nitrous) as it’s typically provided to the patient in advance of their treatment. Benzodiazepine, the active ingredient in Oral Sedation, helps to inhibit the part of the brain that causes anxiety or fear providing patients a sense of calm throughout treatment.

Oral Sedation

Advantages of Oral Sedation

Some advantages that Oral Sedation has over other forms of sedation dentistry are:

  • No needles: This is the biggest upside for many patients who also share a fear of needles.
  • Easy to administer: Take a small pill and be ready for treatment by your appointment time.
  • FDA Regulated: All Oral Sedation drugs are federally regulated.

Disadvantages of Oral Sedation

Some disadvantages that Oral Sedation has over other forms of sedation dentistry is:

  • Swallowing a Pill: People who have issues swallowing pills may not like that they have to swallow one for this type of sedation. But we assure you, it is very small.
  • Sleepy/Groggy: You will feel sleepy or groggy for up to several hours after your appointment.
  • Driver: Since you will be sleepy for a few hours after your treatment, a driver is required to take you to and from your dental appointment.